Gideon Bendile and VOENA Gala at Napa City Winery

Gideon Bendile‘s voice is more widely known than his name. His is that unforgettable African call that famously opens a certain Disney movie.  Gideon performed at VOENA‘s 20th Anniversary Gala. Other performers included Italian guitarist Peppino D’Agostino and drummer Jeff Campitelli along with the children’s choir itself.  The non-profit choir has worked with Gideon for many years.  They perform variations of his songs from The Lion King among others. Children in VOENA have learned to sing in Swahili and perform gumboot dances (from the mines of South Africa when drumming was prohibited). Cindi’s black and white photo from the event shows Gideon in his gumboots. Gideon is a member of the band Zulu Spear.

Napa City Winery, formerly the Napa Valley Opera House, graciously donated food and service along with their gorgeous newly renovated venue.   Performances and prizes and Two Irises photography were also donated.  The mayors of St Helena and Benicia attended, spoke, and gave support and awards to the accomplished choir and director Annabelle Marie.

Gideon Bendile performs at Napa City Winery for VOENA children's choir 20th Anniversary Gala

Gideon Bendile at Napa City Winery

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