Ameet’s Proposal to Dina at Auberge du Soleil, a unique Napa proposal site

This was the setting where Ameet proposed to Dina on a fall day in the Napa Valley. The two Canadians flew from Toronto to San Francisco. Ameet’s explanation to Dina was that were traveling to meet his new nephew in the Bay Area (true!) and it was a good excuse for an excursion into Wine Country. Hidden in the sculpture garden at Auberge du Soleil they happened upon a table set with candles and champagne and gourmet cheeses and chocolate.ameet-dina-preview-web01
This was the moment Ameet and Dina agreed they would spend spend the rest of their lives together. Indeed, Dina said “Yes!” ameet-dina-preview-web02  Auberge du Soleil's unique Napa proposal site in the Sculpture Garden ameet-dina-preview-web05 ameet-dina-preview-web07 ameet-dina-preview-web09 Ameet and Dina are a lovely couple, bright and intelligent, soft-spoken and sincere. It was my pleasure to be there as witness and documentarist to their very intimate and significant decision. May they share the long road together in good company and love.Napa Proposal site: Auberge du Soleil Olive Grove ameet-dina-preview-web12 ameet-dina-preview-web13 ameet-dina-preview-web16

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