Whetstone Cellars Wedding

It was a very, very hot day in June for this Whetstone Cellars wedding with southern cooking by Smoke Open Fire Catering and gorgeous florals by Melody Raye Flowers when E and B got married with an intimate group of family and friends. They celebrated with Napa wines, fried chicken and grits, and prayer. Everyone who attended, and the couple themselves, travelled from afar to come together on this occasion. North Carolina, Colorado, Korea and San Diego were among the places I heard named. It was my delight to discover Whetstone Cellars. The 19th century French-style chateau was built more than a century ago, and in the heat of mid-summer indoors remained cool naturally. I hope I’ll get another chance to shoot at this stunning location.01-ej-brad 02-ej-brad Whetstone Cellars wedding 04-ej-brad 06-ej-brad 09-ej-brad Whetstone Cellars wedding Whetstone Cellars wedding Whetstone Cellars intimate wedding 16-ej-brad 17-ej-brad 18-ej-brad 19-ej-brad 20-ej-brad 22-ej-brad Whetstone Cellars wedding 24-ej-brad 25-ej-brad Whetstone Cellars wedding, Melody Raye Floral30-ej-brad melody raye flowers melody raye flowers 33-ej-brad 34-ej-brad melody raye flowers at whetstone cellars whetstone cellars wedding 37-ej-brad 39-ej-brad 40-ej-brad whetstone cellars wedding, melody raye flowers 42-ej-brad whetstone cellars wedding whetstone cellars napa whetstone cellars napa 47-ej-brad whetstone cellars wedding whetstone cellars wedding 50-ej-brad 51-ej-brad smoke open fire catering smoke open fire catering 54-ej-brad smoke open fire catering 56-ej-brad 57-ej-brad smoke open fire catering 60-ej-brad smoke open fire cateringwhetstone cellars wedding whetstone cellars wedding 67-ej-brad 68-ej-brad 71-ej-brad 72-ej-brad 70-ej-brad 73-ej-brad 74-ej-brad 75-ej-brad 76-ej-brad 78-ej-brad 80-ej-brad

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