Photographer Cindi StephanCindi Stephan, Principal Photographer/Owner

I am looking to capture authentic experience and expression. I hold reverence for the here and now and recognize the experience must be there before I can capture it. I am sensitive about my influence on the atmosphere. My aim is to document genuine emotion, limiting direction and staging to what can facilitate that end. I have over 18 years of experience photographing weddings and know the routine, but truly thrive on what is unique to the day, this couple, their community of friends and family, this moment. I work with a second photographer for the alternative perspective, and the backup support. I seek natural light sources primarily but will supplement with lighting as needed. The images I create are fully edited and print-­ready, with printing in mind. I am interested in producing classic images for longevity. I have seen how images gain significance with time. Immediate media is fun, but a wedding album and a framed print are the things future generations will inherit and refer to for connection and their heritage.

I grew up in San Geronimo, California and continue to live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love my home and love to travel and have worked in locations across the globe. I am a mom to three kids, elementary school to college. I’m an alum of Wesleyan University and School for International Training (Ghana). I have been photographing weddings since 1998. I also have an extensive background in psychomotor work, uncovering the connection between human psychology and physical body, with the intention to see physical expression honestly reflect the internal being. I have untiring fascination with people and relationships and love. I’m also a lover of the outdoors, nature, people, gardening, music and dance.

Two Irises

I chose this name for its multifaceted meaning. The two flowers as two betrothed. The irises of human eyes. The Greek goddess Iris is represented as the rainbow – the spectrum of light! She is the messenger of the gods, linking humankind to the divine. Irises have always been my favorite flower, and Iris is my youngest daughter’s middle name.

Kiva Lending

Two Irises began its Kiva lending program in 2009. A portion of your deposit is loaned to small business owners around the globe who may struggle against poverty or just need a supporting hand growing a small business. Learn about Kiva Lending here, and see my Kiva Lender Profile here.

Other Work

Yes, I do portraits and other projects.  Please feel free to inquire about anything.